Losing a beloved pet can turn your world upside down. The loss is so painful, and people don’t always understand. They try to help, but sometimes it adds to the hurt. Any great loss puts us in an “in between” state. We know how it was before–It was great! And we trust that some day it will be good again. But in the meantime, in the confusing “in between space, it seems we can only access confusion, depression and anger. We feel alone, misunderstood, and perhaps even unable to cope. The pain may be something we’ve never experienced before.

Our society doesn’t really do “grieving.” Everyone is expected to be strong and get on with life. That’s not only unhealthy, it’s just sort of pathetic. It’s important to honor the memory of a lost loved one–including a beloved pet. It also natural to care for yourself and others who are grieving.

Having a memorial ceremony for your beloved pet provides a sense of closure that usually doesn’t happen. It provides a space for you and others feeling the loss to share memories, and share tears and laughs together. Finally a memorial ceremony gives you something to do–a way to announce your loss, a way to divide the grief between you and other family and friends. Like the old saying, “Grief shared is grief divided.”

I’ve lost beloved pets myself, and I’ve walked through that process with other people who started as strangers and ended up as friends. I can help you too, and I would be honored to do that. If that sounds like something you’d like to talk about, please contact me. I specialize in caring for hurting people.

Pastor Bill    (516) 242-3721  /  wm_britton@mac.com

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