My New Ministry


I’ve been doing weddings and funerals on Long Island for about 16 years. Lately I was asked several times to do a Pet Memorial Ceremony. Around that same time, I helped my sister in Texas when she had to put down her beloved German Shepherd. (It brought up some painful memories for me of the loss our of Australian cattle dog years ago.) At my sisters, we had a simple ceremony, and for the two families here on the Long Island, we had more formal ceremonies–at Regency Forest Pet Cemetery, with invited guests, prayers, readings, and with family and friends sharing and supporting each other. These were powerful times.

I learned two significant things. First, there is real ministry to be done at a Pet Memorial. People are hurting and need support. They need someone who can think straight. They need someone who knows what to do. They need someone who understands their loss. Secondly, I learned, when I started to check around, that no one on Long Island (as far as I can tell) is doing this. There is a great need!

I’m glad to make myself available to you. I know it’s a new thing, so you’re going to have questions. Please feel free to call me at any time. I feel confident that I can help you in a way that you will appreciate.

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